We fight bureaucracy

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Just like you, we also struggle with bureaucracy. And we don't accept that, in the 21st century, people are still held hostage by it.
Many have become so used to bureaucracy that they don't even imagine that it is possible to live without it.
But bureaucracy is created by people, it is not mandatory.
Say goodbye
to paperwork

Bureaucracy affects everyone, including well paid smart people, professionals with high demand in the market, reference in their fields both in Brazil and in the world.

Every day these people are bombarded by the bureaucracy that the world throws at them: documents, forms, trips to the notary's office, signatures, paperwork, bills, tax rates, barcodes, documents, norms, obligations.

Boring, mandatory and often purposeless activities.

It makes no sense, has no logic, and is unnecessary.

"This is a manifest for extreme simplification, freedom, and automation of boring tasks."

It’s our mission to give useful time back to people

Naísa Chaves - Product Designer de braços abertos no alto da montanha
Jessika Product Designer observando o rio

We want to give people the option to invest their time in what really matters: their families, friends, love, professional activities, health, leisure, culture, happiness. 

 We work every day to fulfil this purpose.
Things that “have always been this way” don't have to continue being this way.
Technology allows us to transform markets. We are transforming ours.
If you believe it too...
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