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We set you free from all the paperwork related to international payments.

And you focus on growing your business.

We are people, just like you.

And it was by facing the same challenges you do that we decided to create Husky.

Pessoa sentada na escada rindo

Agilidade e simplicidade

Atendimento 100% comprometido com a solução

Tolerância zero com a burocracia

Fundadores da Husky

How it all started

In 2016, Tiago and Mauricio were working remotely for an American company as software developers.

Soon they realized how complicated it was to receive their payments in Brazil.

The few alternatives available at the time demanded huge amounts of paperwork and a lot of stressful steps just to get paid.

As technology entrepreneurs, they decided to create their own service and make international payments easier for anyone facing the same problem. Husky was founded in 2016, following some basic principles:

Simple and easy

Service 100% committed to the solution

Zero tolerance for bureaucracy

Fair, honest, and without surprises

Since 2016, we have handled over

R$ 2,000,000.00

in international payments.

Selo do Prêmio Exame Negócios em Expansão de 2022

Finalist company

Ranking EXAME Expanding Business

1st Place

Santiago, Chile

1st Place

San Juan, Porto Rico

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Our philosophy and way of working

We are a 100% bootstrapped fintech, which means we have no outside investors.

This makes us very comfortable in saying that our only commitment is to our clients, because they are the ones who keep us afloat.

We are a technology company focused on simplifying people's lives.

We are the new generation of financial services

You probably thought of "banks" when we mentioned "bureaucracy". It's the first thing that comes to our mind, too.

The financial system in general delivers a slow, bureaucratic, inefficient and, on top of that, EXPENSIVE service.

We want to be one of the leading finance companies in the country, but we do not compromise on core values.

One of them is what we call fair finance: we want to make money, but this is not our reason for existing.

Our intention is to always offer services at fair prices, that is, charging without abuse values that are proportional to the benefits we bring to your life.

With Husky everyone wins.

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