Introducing the Husky API

Collect funds and send money to Brazil from your app
or platform.

What is FXaaS?

Foreign Exchange as a Service (FXaaS) is an API product that allows you to benefit from Husky’s technological infrastructure in order to offer international payments to your customers in Brazil.

Why integrate with Husky?

Sandbox Environment

Test your integrations before going live.

API Tokens

With tokens, you can easily access the Husky API and run tests from our sandbox environment.

Custom UI

You can customize or whitelabel our solutions, with you logo and colors.

FX specialists

We are experts in the FX market and will handle all the bureaucracy for you.

Customer support with a human touch

We extend our renowned customer service to our partners and their clientes.

Fast and Affordable Service

You will be surprised with our fast transactions, while still keeping competitive pricing.

One API for all

Whether you’re an e-commerce business that wants to automate recurring orders or a bank looking to offer cheaper international transfers, we give you the tools to build what you need.

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API Operation workflow

Pay people in Brazil
Collect funds in Brazil
People and Companies
Anti-Money Laundering Real time FXGlobal currencies SafeFast
Your brand here
People and companies receiving from abroad
Payment of suppliers
Influencers and streamers
Advertising and Platform Payments
Payment of Royalties
Local bank in Brazil

Frequently asked questions about Husky’s API

What is an API?

An API allows different platforms and tools to communicate with one another and share important stuff. For example, ever wonder how Google docs can appear on your Slack feed?

Well — Google uses the Slack API to keep all your documents in one place.Another example is having the option to create a profile with your Facebook account. It really speeds up getting started with a new food delivery app, right?

What is an API Token?

An API token is a unique ID that you can use to access the API of other companies, like Husky. We generate an API token from our sandbox environment, and you can test drive our app.

What is FXaaS?

FXaaS (Foreign Exchange as a Service) is an API that allows partners that wish to offer cross border transactions to their clients in Brazil and connect to the technological infrastructure developed by Husky. Through this integration, our partners get to offer our international payments solution within their own app or platform, without having to worry about the bureaucracy or developing the technology in-house.

What solutions does Husky API offer?

We seek to meet the needs of our partners and build the solution together, that is why we offer two different solutions: A way to pay people and companies in Brazil. And a way to charge people and companies in Brazil.

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